Individual & Group Services

Let’s Verbalise fundamentally believe that all therapy sessions should be personalised, interactive and fun!

We specialise in providing speech, language and communication therapy for children and young adults. 
Let’s Verbalise supports many needs including the following:

Speech Sound Difficulties
Language Disorders & Delays
Autism Spectrum Disorder / Social Communication Difficulties
Stammering / Non-Fluency
Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties
Self-esteem & Resilience Building
Literacy Difficulties
Attention & Auditory Processing Difficulties

We work closely with the child’s family, school and other health professionals to fully assess their needs to tailor an engaging intervention package.
Let’s Verbalise offers a range of therapy approaches and intervention packages.

  • Initial consultation to identify area of need – required for all clients
  • Detailed assessment available if required
  • Ongoing assessment to monitor progress
  • Assessment reports available
Individual Therapy
  • Tailored to specific needs
  • Parent/school collaboration
  • Duration of therapy dependent on need
  • Progress regularly reviewed & targets evaluated
  • Home-school programmes to encourage generalisation
Group Therapy
  • Attention & Listening Skills
  • Speech Sound Development
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Language Development
  • Social Communication Skills
  • Self-esteem & Resilience
  • School-Readiness (organisation, study skills etc.)
Advice & Liaison

  • Recommendations & strategies provided to parents/education
  • Multidisciplinary Team liaison e.g. NHS
  • EHCP advice and recommendations
  • Home-school programmes to encourage generalisation